Natural Cat Litter

natural biodegradable cat litter

Best Natural Biodegradable Cat Litter ReviewsIn this article I will be reviewing what I believe to be the best natural/biodegradable cat litters currently available on the market. Many cat owners prefer to use a litter that is made from natural materials, and also to really help the environment. They should of course be applauded for doing […]

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Can You Flush Cat Litter

cat sitting on a toilet

One of the most commonly asked questions that we get at this website, is can you flush cat litter down a toilet? There are obvious benefits in doing this, and that is especially true if you also keep your cat litter box in the bathroom, or close to the bathroom. However, there are quite a […]

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Best Self Flushing Cat Litter Box

cat genie self flushing litter box

In this article I am going to review what the best self flushing cat litter box is on the market. Yes it really is as close as you are going to get for a proper toilet for your cat or cats. Strange as this concept may first appear, it is slowly growing in popularity for […]

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Do Hooded Cat Litter Trays Work

hooded cat litter trays

Covered Cat Litter Boxes – Advantages and DisadvantagesIf you have gone to a pet store to buy a cat litter box, then you will already know a couple of things that typically happen. The first is that you will know there are a wide range of cat litter boxes available. The second thing you may notice, […]

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Top Entry Litter Box

top entry litter box review

Best Top Entry Litter Box Reviews 2018In this article, I review the best top entry cat litter box and have also produced a top 10 buyer rated list of these, which you can view below. The “top entry” is a great choice for any home with a cat and a dog. The reason for that is […]

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Do Kittens Use a Cat Litter

cat litter kittens

In this article I am going to answer a question that I get asked a lot of times. The simple question is do kittens use a cat litter? In all honesty the question has slightly different meanings for the people asking that question. Some people mean is cat litter safe for kittens, whereas others are […]

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How Much Cat Litter In a Box or Tray

cat litter

How Much Cat Litter To Put In a Cat Litter Box or Tray?In this article I take a much closer look at how much litter should you put into a cat litter box or a cat litter tray. This is a question that I am asked a great deal, especially from new cat owners. It […]

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Is Cat Litter Harmful for Pregnant Women

Is Cat Litter Harmful for Pregnant Women

I do get asked many questions on this website. One of the most important questions I get asked is, “Is cat litter harmful for pregnant women?” In this article I will go into this in some detail as it is an important question and answer to understand. Cat litter is potentially very harmful for pregnant […]

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Best Hooded Covered Cat Litter Box

covered litter box

Best Hooded Covered or Enclosed Cat Litter BoxThe most popular choice for a cat litter box is the hooded, enclosed or covered style of litter box. Cat owners do refer to these by different names as you can see. In essence they are a cat litter pan or tray with some type of cover on […]

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Stop a Cat Sleeping in a Litter Box

how to stop cat sleeping in litter box

If you have an issue with your cat, or one of your cats, sleeping in the cat litter, then this article should really help you out. This can be a very frustrating problem for many cat owners. After all a cat litter is designed for containing cat waste (pee and poop), and is certainly not […]

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